Senator Casey’s Seat Looks Safe (D – PA)

The Story:

Bob Casey Jr. (D – PA), an often controversial US Senator from Pennsylvania, looks very likely to retain his seat for another term after this November’s voting. His Republican opponent, Lou Barletta, is struggling to raise the amount of money necessary for a serious challenge.

The Background:

Casey is almost a stereotypical ‘centrist.’ On the ‘rightward’ side he has positioned himself as a hawkish friend of Israel, and he has publicly expressed support for a possible reversal of Roe v. Wade, the famous/notorious abortion rights decision.

On the ‘leftward’ side Casey has supported increased federal subsidies for ‘alternative’ energy sources, and has opposed market-oriented educational reforms, that is, school vouchers.

Casey’s father, Bob Casey Sr., was also a successful Pennsylvania politician. He was the Governor of the state in the period 1987 – 95. Senior had much the same centrist reputation his son cultivates now.

The Thing to Know:

Barletta reportedly has only $1.6 million available to him to oppose Casey Jr’s campaign for re-election to the US Senate. Casey, on the other hand, has on hand roughly six times that, $9.8 million, to pursue that campaign.

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