State Elections in North Carolina

The Story:

The Democratic Party in North Carolina announced last week that in the second quarter of 2018 it raised $2.3 million for its campaigns to elect Democrats to the state legislature this November, an unprecedented amount.


In North Carolina the Republicans currently have supermajorities in both House and Senate: that is, they control enough seats so that on party-line votes they can override vetoes by the Democratic Governor of the state, Roy Cooper. But they need to pick up only four seats in the House or six seats in the Senate in November to change that.

Every seat in both houses is up for election in November.

The Thing to Know:

The Democratic Party at present has $5.8 million on hand to work to gain those seats. This is seven times more than it ad at the same point in the 2014 cycle. It is also comfortably more than what the Republican Party in the state has on hand. The GOP reportedly has only $1.3 million ready for spending on these elections.



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