3 Considerations You Must Think Through Before Taking a Political Position as a Brand

3 Considerations You Must Think Through Before Taking a Political Position as a Brand

Remember when general wisdom said you should never mix business and politics? Then “don’t rock the boat” shifted to “be controversial to stand out from the crowd.” Companies experimented with portraying their brands as openly celebrating the normalcy and beauty of other-abled individuals, gay couples raising children, non-conforming gender expression and hijab-wearing women dancing in the street. Gradually it became more common for people of all colors, genders, religions and abilities to be represented in mainstream programming, advertising images and commercials.

While those social justice topics had political implications, the companies that challenged cultural norms in their brand messaging were not, strictly speaking, bringing politics into business. Nor were they necessarily taking a stand on any particular issue so much as they were testing the waters in certain demographic markets.

Since the 2016 election cycle, however, it’s becoming more and more common for companies to unmistakably and unapologetically take a stand. Research statistics reflect that shift. Cause sponsorship is predicted to reach $2.14B this year and Cone Communications reported in a Corporate Social Responsibility study that 78 percent of respondents stated that they want companies to address important social justice issues and that four out of five consumers will consider switching products if they believe a brand supports a specific cause.

As more and more customers vent their frustration with the increasing political divide by exercising the power of their pocketbooks, I expect that it will be harder and harder for brands to stay silent on their political positions. Here are three things you must consider before you step out and speak up.

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1. Know what your ideal customer expects and don’t let them down.

You may think that your target market prefers that you steer clear of political topics, but do you really know? In a series of controlled experiments performed by Drexel University, researchers found that avoiding political activism can actually damage a brand if their consumers believe them to be…

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