Excrement and razors sent to politicians in post

Razor blade
Razor blades were among the things sent to politicians

Excrement and razor blades have been sent through the post to Welsh politicians, research has found.

A total of 121 Welsh politicians told the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) they have suffered abuse.

It sent a survey asking every Welsh Assembly member, Welsh MP, MEP and councillor for their experiences of harassment.

The society said some examples were “genuinely shocking, disturbing and criminal”.

The ERS said harassment and abuse were among the barriers putting people off entering politics.

A total of 266 politicians responded to the ERS survey, including 224 councillors, 26 AMs, 11 MPs and one MEP.

Of them, 40 respondents said they had suffered abuse online and one AM said she had suffered racist abuse.

One politician told the survey they were sent excrement through the post “in a (very tacky) Valentine’s card”.

Bethan Sayed said the abuse she endured took a new twist when she married a Muslim man

Bethan Sayed, a Plaid Cymru AM, said she had experienced racial attacks since her marriage to Cardiff International Film Festival founder Rahil Sayed, who is from India.

She told BBC Radio Wales she had been sworn at and had comments about her appearance and racist abuse about her name and wedding dress on social media.

“I haven’t really ever experienced those things, because I’ve got the most [Welsh name], Bethan Jenkins, I come from the south Wales valleys, and…

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