Rohrabacher Faces Tight Race for Reelection

The Story:

In California’s 48th Congressional district, incumbent Dana Rohrabacher (R) faces a race that pollsters are calling a toss-up against Harley Rouda (D), a lawyer and real estate entrepreneur. Rohrabacher, though conservative in many respects, has made a name for himself by working in at least one important respect against the conservative grain: he has been an important voice for the liberalization of marijuana laws.

The Challenger: 

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has targeted the 48th as one of the Congressional districts it hopes to flip as part of its “blue wave” this November.

Rouda has a law degree from Capital University, an MBA from Ohio State, and has successfully invested in digital technology companies such as Stuffster, which offers an app that helps people sell their unused belongings.

The Thing to Know:

California’s Democrats are less than unanimously enthusiastic about Rouda, who joined their party just last year. Still, Rouda’s chief intra-party primary rival, Hans Keirstead, has enthusiastically endorsed Rouda, at one point shouting to his fellow Democrats, “Unity! unity! unity!” while pumping his fist in the air.

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