AJC POLITICS: Georgia judicial nominee expected to advance after GOP senator lifts roadblock

Georgia Supreme Court Justice Britt Grant, President Donald Trump’s nominee to the federal appeals court in Atlanta. (DAVID BARNES/DAVID.BARNES@AJC.COM)


The path forward for a Georgia judicial pick now appears to be clear after a GOP senator dropped his hold on her nomination.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley indicated on Thursday morning that his panel would soon move to advance Britt Grant’s nomination for the powerful 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

“Regardless of whether it’s a criminal defendant or the state of Georgia, every individual is equal under the law when they come to Justice Grant’s courtroom,” the Iowa Republican said. “I have confidence she’ll make an excellent appellate judge.”

Grassley’s comments came after U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., announced he was dropping his hold on President Donald Trump’s circuit court nominees. That came hours after a Senate vote on a non-binding resolution Wednesday that effectively rebuked President Donald Trump’s trade strategy.

Grant’s nomination had been held up by Flake…

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