Trump’s Supreme Court pick just the beginning of a consequential week

Frontrunners for Supreme Court pick
Frontrunners for Supreme Court pick 01:37

Washington (CNN)A momentous week that will have an extensive impact on his presidential legacy is looming for President Donald Trump, both at home and abroad. At stake is nothing less than the character of American life and the nation’s traditional role as the leader of the Western world.

Trump will unveil his second pick for the Supreme Court Monday night, a nomination that promises to lock in a conservative majority for years to come and could have sweeping implications on issues like abortion, the role of religion in public life, civil rights and business regulation.

On Tuesday, Trump heads to Europe for a crucial visit that includes what may be an acrimonious NATO summit in Brussels as he accuses US allies of freeloading off of the United States. Then, Trump will travel to Britain, which is in political uproar over its exit from the European Union, for talks with embattled Prime Minister Theresa May and a long-awaited meeting with Queen Elizabeth II.

After a weekend of golf at one of his courses in Scotland, Trump will hold his first standalone summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki next Monday amid deepening concern among NATO allies about his odd deference to the Russian leader, who they view as a threat to the peace and order on the continent.

Trump is set to announce his nominee to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy on Monday night. His shortlist includes Brett Kavanaugh, Raymond Kethledge, Amy Coney Barrett, Amul Thapar, Joan Larsen and Thomas Hardiman.

Here are potential Supreme Court nominees to replace Justice Kennedy
Here are potential Supreme Court nominees to replace Justice Kennedy

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