Mark Latham considering return to politics on public ‘urging’, but is unsure with which party

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Former Opposition leader Mark Latham is tossing up a return to politics, but it’s not clear which party would make the best fit for the one-time Labor leader who has since been exiled from the party.

Mr Latham appeared with One Nation leader Pauline Hanson on Sky News last night, but said he was still undecided on whether he would join her party.

“I’ve not made any decision — I do get people urging me, mainly on the basis, they say, that the country’s gone crazy,” he said.

“When you look at the political correctness, the identity politics, the anti-white racism.

“People so often say to me ‘the country’s gone mad. What’s happened? Why has it changed so badly in the last decade. You should get in and do something’.”

Senator Hanson said she would love to have him beside her in Parliament.

“Mark knows that I’d be quite happy to have him on board, but Mark’s his own person,” she said.

“Whether he wants to get involved in politics again, that’s up to Mark.”

Mr Latham has voiced a pre-recorded robocall message for One Nation ahead of the upcoming byelection in Longman, north of Brisbane.

In that message, he warns voters not to trust his former party — a move which came as a surprise to Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm.

Mr Latham joined Senator Leyonhjelm’s party last year.

Julia Gillard looks Mark Latham directly in the eye. The pair are surrounded by journalists with cameras.

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