Has American politics really lost its civility?

Our discussion of civility begins with White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders being denied service in a Virginia restaurant, because apparently the restaurant manager doesn’t care for Ms. Sanders, her boss, or their politics. Needless to say, Ms. Sanders, her boss, and their supporters were most upset.

“Whatever happened to civility?” they cried. And Ms. Sanders herself was quick to send out a tweet, claiming she always shows respect to those who disagree with her politically.

Yeah, apparently Ms. Sanders doesn’t attend her own White House press briefings. Not a lot of respect or civility there. She also must never attend any of the president’s campaign rallies, because there really isn’t a heck of a lot of civility there, either. In fact, a lot of the president’s supporters say they voted for him and support him precisely because he, “tells it like it is.” Which is their way of saying the president goes out of his way to be as uncivil as he can be to people who don’t agree with him.

So, essentially, they’re whining about the death of civility while holding the bloody knife they used to stab civility in the back. Liberals shouldn’t be too quick to judge, though, because they’ve gone medieval on civility’s hiney as well. Poor civility. It never had a chance.

Fact is, mankind is a lot of things, but civil ain’t one of them. Which is why I have to smile whenever I hear people pine over this mythical romantic time long, long ago, when they claim everyone got along, and we all gathered to sing “Kumbaya,” every night, and everybody was just so doggone civil. Well, I hate to burst all those romantic, nostalgic bubbles, but those days never really existed. American politics have never been a bastion…

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