Brexit summit: how the papers saw Theresa May’s deal

The Brexit summit was a success for the PM, most of the newspaper front pages agreed.

There are just two subjects that the papers are interested in today: the World Cup game between England and Sweden and Theresa May winning support for her Brexit deal at the Chequers summit on Friday.

Most of the newspapers agree that the Brexit agreement is a victory for May.

The Guardian splashes with the headline: “May wins cabinet agreement for soft Brexit plan” and reports that the prime minister managed to sign up “her fractious cabinet” to a “controversial plan to match EU standards on food and goods”, but that this had not gone down well with Tory Brexiters.


Tomorrow’s Guardian front page #tomorrowspaperstoday

July 6, 2018

Clare Margetson

The headline on the strongly pro-Brexit Daily Telegraph is: “Cabinet signs up to May’s Brexit deal” and they report: “Theresa May won her battle with Eurosceptic ministers on Friday night as she announced the cabinet has signed up to a Brexit deal that keeps Britain tied to EU rules and regulations indefinitely.”

The headline on the FT Weekend is “May wins backing for ‘soft’ Brexit after facing down cabinet rebels” and the i weekend is even more stark with “May takes back control”.


I WEEKEND: May takes back control #tomorrowspaperstoday

July 6, 2018

Neil Henderson


DAILY TELEGRAPH: Cabinet signs up to May’s Brexit…

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