Somebody thought a politics-free version of ‘SNL’ in China sounded like a good idea

China Saturday Night Live
China Saturday Night Live

Almost as soon as you learn that NBCUniversal licenses a version of Saturday Night Live to be produced locally in China with help from the Alibaba-owned video site Youku — and that said local Chinese version of SNL actually started airing a few weeks ago – you may find yourself wondering about, let’s say, aspects of the arrangement.

Like, what the writers’ room is like. Or if they even have a writers’ room. And if they do, what’s it like to come up with a sketch for a show that leans heavily on political satire in the U.S. — indeed, where a centerpiece lately has been endless lampooning of President Trump — but which can have none of that in the Middle Kingdom.

It’s like with anything, apparently — you make do. In a Communist Party-ruled land with powerful censors, you come up with skits like this to tickle the ol’ funny…

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