Bill Shine, accused of covering up sexual harassment at Fox News, will be White House communications director

The person in the driver’s seat of any organization tends to shape the people around him and the culture of the office that he leads.

It’s not really a shock that this WH is filled with corruption, graft, greed, incompetence, and people who took the opportunity only to realize how utterly stupid it was for them to do so.

The Obama presidency had a grand total of how many scandals and investigations into the corruption of the president? (0)

How many Obama cabinet picks were shuffled around or dropped altogether when it came out that they abused government resources for personal gain? (0)

Fox News

Fox News is refusing to cover breaking news revelations with in depth analysis, instead they misrepresent events, obfuscate known information, and peddle debunked conspiracy theories endangering U.S. institutions.[1] On the day of President Trump’s personal attorney’s office raids, Sean Hannity went on Fox and disparaged Special Counsel Mueller claiming that investigators had “declared war on the President of the United States.”[2] Then we found out that Sean Hannity was a client of Michael Cohen, he never disclosed this fact until it was discovered at a recent court hearing.[3] Furthermore, a report has come out alleging that Sean Hannity speaks to President Trump nearly every weeknight.[4] Moreover, when news broke that Trump’s former Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort was indicted by Special Counsel Mueller, Fox News ignored the breaking news throughout the day and instead focused on a hamburger emoji.[5]

So it doesn’t come as a surprise when Sean Hannity and Fox News push incredibly deceitful portrayals of events over the course of…

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