Stormy Daniels’ lawyer: If Trump seeks reelection, ‘I will run’

But this is how the establishment democrats cling to power. Every time someone becomes an upstart on the left side of politics, suddenly these weasely centrist democrats come out of the woodwork. Like when Lieberman turned on the party after Obama’s election and was instrumental in blocking some of the most needed health care reforms, like the ban on the government negotiating pharmaceutical prices.

Or when Bernie had a surge in popularity. Can’t have that, we have to have the 90s moral outrage sidekick to Tipper Gore, Hillary Clinton, steal his entire platform and then get Elijah Cummings and friends to bash his civil rights record and for being secular Jewish.

It’s happening with that Alexandria lady as well. Centrist Democrats are heavily invested in the pearl-clutching market and it seems they’re more…

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