Post: Separating families a moral issue, not a political one


People gather at Saint Mark Catholic Church for a solidarity with migrants vigil Thursday in El Paso, Texas. President Donald Trump’s order ending the policy of separating immigrant families at the border leaves a host of unanswered questions, including what happens to the more than 2,300 children already taken from their parents and where the government will house all the newly detained migrants in a system already bursting at the seams.

Associated Press

“Taking care of children has nothing to do with politics. I think perhaps with time, instead of there being a politicization of humanitarian aid, there will be a humanization of politics.” — Audrey Hepburn

Politics pervades our lives; politics and governance are the spine that allows us to walk upright without shame or the cancer that slows us to a crawl. How does the removal of children from their migrating families end up in the political arena? I do not want to write about politics. I want to write about morality and humanity.

There is no place in our society for intentional, unnecessary and arbitrary…

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