Jeff Flake Is the Emptiest Suit in American Politics

It is not possible to imagine an emptier suit than Jeff Flake, soon to be former Republican senator from Arizona. There is a depthless void under that tan. Small animals have been known to disappear into that smile and never return. The man is the Empty Quarter of human beings. From AZCentral:

The outgoing Arizona Republican and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee said he will evaluate the person nominated to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy separately. Flake’s apparent cooperation would seemingly leave Senate Democrats still searching for at least one GOP ally to block a nomination to the high court sometime later this year. Flake has recently stalled at least some federal appeals court nominations by withholding his support on the Judiciary Committee in an effort to pressure the Senate to vote on President Donald Trump’s tariff changes, which Flake opposes. “There are lots of folks out there who assume because I’ve not been in line with lots of the president’s policies, and certainly haven’t condoned his behavior, that I should oppose everything, every one of the president’s nominees or whatever. I’ve never taken that position,” Flake said in…

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