Politicians need to stop playing politics with Galileo, warns Europe’s top space boss

Jan Woerner
ESA boss Jan Woerner says there must be an agreement over Galileo

Jan Woerner made his remarks against a backdrop of increasingly bitter wrangling over the UK’s future involvement in the project, which is a rival to the US-owned global positioning service.

Last week EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier conceded: “There is a way for the UK to be included in a partnership about Galileo as a user of (services) including the PRS.”

However, he remains steadfast in his position that Britain could have no involvement in Galileo’s future development, adding: “The facts have consequences.”

Speaking to Andrew Marr at the weekend, Prime Minister Theresa May claimed the EU had been taking Britain “for a ride”.

Theresa May
British Prime Minister Theresa May claims the UK has been “taken for a ride” over Galileo

She added: “The UK has been contributing significantly to the Galileo programme so far.

“We are still discussing that with them.

“What we as…

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