Zoltan Istvan, Candidate for Governor (CA)

The story:

Even in the always-colorful politics of the state of California, futurist novelist Zoltan Istvan stood out. He was a long-shot candidate for Governor in the primary this spring, with a Libertarian Party affiliation and a personal “transhumanist” philosophy.

Transhumanism Is:

Transhumanism is the adoption of certain lifestyles, technologies, and political views in the belief that they are bringing about a radical and desirable transformation in the species. It owes much to Friedrich Nietzsche and his anticipation of the “overman.”

Istvan is the author of a novel, “The Transhumanist Wager,” expounding on this philosophy especially in connection with the technologies that could produce earthly immortality. He has proclaimed his belief that transhumanism will become a mainstream way of thinking in the US by the mid 2020s.

The Thing to Know:

Istvan came in fifteenth, in a crowded field of 32 candidates. Under the state’s rules, the first and second place finishers are the only two to advance to the November vote. The first two in this instance were from the established major parties: Gavin Newsom (D) and John Cox (R). Transhumanism will have to wait for another day.

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