Trump using kids as ‘bargaining chips’: Sen. Cortez Masto on Powerhouse Politics

The White House and Congress are pointing fingers, each calling on the other to fix the immigration crisis immigrant involving families at the southern border. One Democrat — Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto — blames the Trump administration for creating this crisis and exploiting detained children as “bargaining chips.”

“What we see is an administration who has manufactured a crisis using these kids as political bargaining chips for their own political…gain,” the lawmaker told Powerhouse Politics podcast hosts, Rick Klein and Ali Rogin. “That to me is what is so egregious…and just immoral.”

Her comments came before President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that he said would stop children from being separated from their parents, a move he said was about “keeping families together.”

When asked about the visibility of the detention centers where thousands of separated children are currently held, Cortez Masto claims that the White House is stonewalling lawmakers’ access.

“We can’t get answers,” she stated. “We have been asking this…

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