Melania Trump spoke out against her husband’s cruel policy – but it won’t make any difference

‘Speaking out’ … Melania Trump.

Wide Awoke appreciates that these are both horrifying and confusing times. One moment Ivanka Trump is tweeting a picture of herself cuddling her toddler at the precise time that reports detailing the wrenching of children from their parents’ arms by US border agents are breaking. Which, at best, is unfathomably deluded. The next, Melania Trump is reportedly “speaking out against” the US president’s unconscionable family separation policy. Which, at best (or is that worst?), makes the first lady a voice of morality.

What on earth is going on? For a start, this is hardly speaking out against anything, when what the first lady actually said was she “hates to see children separated from their parents” and hopes “both sides of the aisle” can come together. No matter how much Melania Trump hates seeing children held in…

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