Americans have figured it out: North Korea won!

I was reading this interview with a North Korean, and it is just awful. Their ruler sounds like some kind of ruthless dictator. The brutality is unheard of.

“Mostly, people criticise Kim Jong-un for being a businessman,” she says, reflecting wider discontent.

“People say that he acts the same as us, but takes away our money.

“[They say] the little man uses his head to suck up money like a little vampire.”

Sun Hui says the number of local people who assess Kim Jong-un positively is increasing, because he leaves the markets alone and “doesn’t crack down much, no matter what we do”.

Here they talk about the prison camps. I’ve never heard of such frivolous and abhorrent reasoning for justification of terrible practices by law enforcement:

It is the “terror” of such camps that “keeps society going”, according to Sun Hui.

She says “there’s a lot of government captures” where she lives.

Chol Ho believes some people are sent there by the…

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