How can America sleep at night when families are being torn apart?

A march against immigrant family separation in downtown Los Angeles, California.

I’m having a hard time sleeping. Just last night I was up for three hours, awake in a panic about someone trying to take my daughter from me. The terror wasn’t real for me, of course. My seven-year-old – my child who doesn’t like it when I leave for overnight business trips – was asleep in her bedroom, doing just fine.

Over the course of six weeks, the US government took 2,000 children and separated them from their parents. Children who are confused, in a new country, and without their families. There is no greater shame in this country right now than what is being done to these children – some just infants literally torn from their mother’s breast.

The Trump administration is defending the policy as biblical, as if there could be anything godly about traumatizing and torturing children. I’m glad to see that people have been in the street – last week there were protests across the country. We can’t stop protesting until these families are reunited.

Sleep should not come easily to any of us until it happens.

Glass half full

Thanks to the New York attorney general, Barbara Underwood, Trump…

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