Run-Off for Republican Nomination for Gov (SC)

The Story:

Tuesday’s primary did not settle the question of who will be running for Governor of South Carolina as the nominee of the Republican Party. Nobody won a majority so there will be a run-off in two weeks.

The Score Card:

Among the Democrats, on the other hand, Tuesday’s voting proved decisive. James Smith, a Columbia area attorney, easily secured that party’s nomination with more than 63% of the vote. Marguerite Willis, also an attorney, finished a distant second with 26%.

Henry McMaster (R) became the Governor of South Carolina in January 2017. He was the Lieutenant Governor until Nikki Haley (R) resigned the Governor’s job that month in order to take on the role of US Ambassador to the United Nations at President Trump’s request. Now McMaster seeks to win a term in his own right.

The Thing to Know:

On the Republican side, incumbent Henry McMaster received roughly 44% of the vote Tuesday, well above second-place finisher John Warren, but less than the 50% he would have needed to beat in order to make himself the nominee. Now, he and Warren go head to head in the voting on June 26.

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