Democratic National Committee Changes Its Rules

The Story:

The Democratic National Committee has changed the rules by which that party will decide hereafter who shall be its nominee for President. One change in particular has riled up supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who ran for that nomination in the last cycle and who may do so in the next.

The Background:

On Friday, June 8, the DNC voted to bar anyone from running for the 2020 presidential nomination who is not a member of the Democratic Party at the time he announces his candidacy.

This looks to Sanders’ supporters like a swipe at their leader, who (though he caucused and still caucuses with the Democratic Party in the US Senate) when he campaigned for the nomination against Secretary Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primary season, was an Independent.

The Thing to Know:

At the party convention in 2016, Sanders received 43% of the delegate votes. Jeff Weavers, who was Sanders’ campaign manager, has said that the Senator is “considering another run.”

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