Montanans Can’t Trust Matt Rosendale

Matt Rosendale Is Damaged Goods Following Deeply Divisive Montana Senate Primary

Russell Fagg: Rosendale “running for five offices in eight years just looks like he came to Montana to start his political career”

Today, immediately following the Montana Senate primary elections, American Bridge released a digital ad targeting newly minted Republican Senate candidate Matt Rosendale. The ad asks Montana voters — if Rosendale’s fellow Republicans have so thoroughly denounced him, how can any voter have confidence in his candidacy?

The 30-second ad will play this week on social media in Montana, targeted to Republican midterm voters.

American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman said, “The primary may be over, but the months-long onslaught of political attacks against Matt Rosendale have taken their toll. Rosendale heads into the general election deeply tarnished by his Republican opponents’ accusations of carpetbagging and fake ranching. Montana voters watching at home will be forced to ask themselves whether they can really trust a candidate whose own party labeled him a liar.”

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