Minnesota ex-Governor Pawlenty Attempts Comeback

The Story: 

Tim Pawlenty, the Governor of Minnesota from 2003 to 2011, left that post in the latter year to run for President. His Presidential campaign didn’t get very far in that cycle, and he has been a private citizen (and a lobbyist) since. But this year he is attempting a comeback in electoral politics, hoping to return to the Governor’s office.

‘The Swamp’:

In the years since his ill-fated Presidential campaign, Pawlenty has worked as a DC based lobbyist for the banking industry. Pawlenty announced his candidacy for Governor on April 5 this year. Given the present political climate, it appears certain he will be attacked for his lobbyist role. Former public officials who have turned to lobbying are the epitome of what populists commonly disparage as ‘the swamp.’

The Thing to Know:

In order to become the Republican nominee, Pawlenty will have to defeat the party convention’s choice, Jeff Johnson, in a primary slated for August 14. Johnson also ran for Governor in 2014, that year beating three other candidates in the primary but losing the general election by six points.

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