Charge Against Governor Greitens Dismissed

The Story:

Prosecutors have dropped a charge against Missouri Governor Eric Greitens (R), averting a trial for felony invasion of privacy.

Why the Charge was Dropped

Greitens had been indicted on this matter in connection with a photo he allegedly took of a former lover, whom he had (consensually) bound and blindfolded. He later (allegedly) used the existence of that photo for blackmail.

The reasons the charge was dropped on May 14? Greitens’ lawyers informed the court that they might call Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner as a witness in support of a defense contention that a private investigator she hired to work on this case had doctored evidence and perjured himself. Gardner (and the investigator involved) deny that there is any merit to this hypothesis.

The court supported the defense’s right to call Gardner, and that put her in an impossible ethical position. Thus, her office dropped the charge.

The Thing to Know:

The Circuit Attorney’s office has only one month to re-file charges either through a prosecutor or after assignment to one of Gardner’s assistants.


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