Twitter Puts Politics Aside to Wish Melania Trump a Speedy Recovery After Kidney Surgery

Melania Trump received a bipartisan outpouring of support on Twitter Monday after the first lady’s office announced on Monday that she had successfully undergone a procedure to treat a “benign kidney condition.”

Actor Sean Astin tweeted: “This is one of those moments where all partisanship and rancor stops for a moment as we ALL wish First Lady Melania a swift return to good health!”

Democratic New York Sen. Chuck Schumer wrote: “Just heard news that @FLOTUS underwent surgery today. Sincere wishes for her speedy recovery.”

And CNN Republican pundit Ana Navarro, a vocal Trump critic, sent well wishes to both Mrs. Trump, 48, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, whose pancreatic cancer diagnosis was also announced on Monday.

“Because you see, we don’t have to support somebody or agree politically, to feel empathy,” Navarro wrote.

I just lost a close friend to pancreatic cancer, a cruel disease. I’m rooting for Harry Reid and wish him & his family the best.
I also hope for a speedy and full recovery…

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