NFL player tackles Sacramento County politics


On the field, Malcolm Jenkins is a star player for the Philadelphia Eagles and a Super Bowl champ. But on Thursday, Jenkins was in Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood to moderate a political forum with Noah Phillips, a candidate for Sacramento County District Attorney.

The topic was criminal justice reform in the wake of Stephon Clark’s police shooting death. Clark, 22, was shot and killed March 18 in his grandparents’ backyard in south Sacramento. Officers were responding to a call about a person breaking car windows at night, when a Sacramento County sheriff’s helicopter led officers to Clark, who began to run away. The two responding officers believed he was armed and fired 20 rounds at Clark, police said. Investigators later discovered Clark was holding a cellphone.

“So, we want to take some of that momentum from that case,” Jenkins said. His goal is to “educate the public on ways to rectify that situation and make sure that people are getting justice.”

“I think everyone is starting to understand that this ‘tough on crime’ mentality has done a lot of damage to a lot of communities,” Jenkins said. “And now, it’s time to roll back those back and have more common-sense reform.”

Coming up at 4: Super Bowl champ Malcolm Jenkins with Noah Phillips, candidate for DA in Sacramento, where Stephon Clark case is a big political issue. DA Anne Marie Schubert is in SoCal on Golden State Killer case – another big political issue.

— Mike Luery (@KCRALuery)…

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