Laursen: Abortion politics continues to manipulate voters

A woman speaks during a protest on the Pentacrest in Iowa City on Saturday, May 5. The protest was held in response to Gov. Kim Reynolds’s signing of a new bill that will ban abortions after a heartbeat is detected in the early stages of pregnancy. (Ben Allan Smith/The Daily Iowan)

Abortion has become an extremely polarized issue in the United States. Instead of considering the legality of banning abortions, politicians are quick to take political stances that perpetuate polarization.

By Lucee Laursen

Abortion: an issue that has created two polarized camps of people. Over the last several decades, abortion has become a topic that is increasingly difficult to talk about with people outside of our own belief system. Some believe that making abortion illegal would stop women from killing unborn children. Others believe that making abortion illegal is a human-rights violation because it restricts the decisions women are able to make about their own bodies.

Because people are almost incapable of holding conversations with others who do not share their viewpoints, it allows politicians to manipulate them. Abortion has become an issue publicly dominated by ignorance and an inability to understand others.

It is extremely problematic that abortion and political parties have become inseparable and indecipherable. A Pew Research survey conducted in 2016 found that 65 percent of Republicans say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases, while 75 percent of Democrats say abortions should be legal in at least most cases.

A similar study conducted by Pew in 1995 found…

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