Politics 101: How Do You Know Your Mail-In-Ballot Was Counted?

Voters turn in their mail-in ballots at the San Diego Registrar office, June ...
Above: Voters turn in their mail-in ballots at the San Diego Registrar office, June 7, 2016.

The California gubernatorial primary this year is June 5, but that’s not the only date that’s important.

San Diego Mesa College and University of San Diego political science professor Carl Luna joined Midday Edition Tuesday for San Diego Politics 101.

Luna answers questions about some of the special timelines that are coming up between now and the primary. Those procedural deadlines could determine whether you get to vote, or if your vote will count.

The answers below have been edited for clarity and brevity. To hear the full interview listen to the Midday Edition podcast.

Q: Lots of people have already received their voter information guide for the primary election, that’s the first mail out from the county registrar of voters, isn’t it?

A: Yes, you get that from the county and then later this month you should also get from the Secretary of State’s office a pamphlet on the state elections.

Q: What’s the best way to use the sample ballot and voter information pamphlet?

A: You need to go through it and look at each of the offices. What I say is look through the whole thing once to just to get an idea what’s in the ballot. And then you look at the major elections. You have governor, lieutenant governor, all the state races. Look at your county, maybe you have city council members depending on where you are in the county. Then look at the individuals who are running. If somebody pops that you know, that you know that you like, your choice is made. If you’re a partisan voter, as many people are, just look for which is your leading partisan candidate. But, if you really want to get to know the candidates that’s when you read in the back of the state guide or the local guide — the bios on the candidates. Do a little Google searching.

Q: All this month, people who have already signed up for mail-in ballots will be getting them. What are some of the ways the popularity of mail-in voting has changed our elections in California?

A: Studies have shown that having mail-in ballot options, the idea is that it’s easier to vote so people would be more likely to vote, is a bit of a mixed bag….

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