Senator Tester and Admiral Jackson

The Story:

Senator Jon Tester (D-MONT), the top Democrat on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee in the US Senate, took a lead role in the events that led Admiral Jackson to withdraw his name from consideration as the next Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Tester is facing a re-election campaign this year. These two facts may combine, increasing the volatility of Montana politics in the months ahead.

The Background:

A report compiled by Tester’s staff, based on interviews with people who have worked with the Admiral, said that Jackson once became intoxicated and wrecked a government car, and that he has repeatedly given out opioid painkillers and other drugs improperly.  On April 27, Jackson withdrew his name from consideration, saying that he did so only because “these false allegations have become a distraction for this president.”

The Thing to Know: 

On Saturday, April 28, President Trump tweeted that “Tester should resign” because the allegations against “Admiral/Doctor Ron Jackson are proving false.” Tester shows no inclination to make life easy for his foes by resigning.

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