Home secretary Amber Rudd quits as immigration crisis grows – as it happened

Amber Rudd says ‘we don’t have targets for removals’ during select committee questioning – video

Hello, we’re closing this blog down now but you can follow the latest developments in the Windrush scandal and find out when Theresa May names the new home secretary in our new politics live blog here:

  • Amber Rudd has resigned as home secretary after repeatedly struggling to explain her role in the unjust treatment of Windrush generation migrants. In her resignation letter to the prime minister (see 11.33pm), she said she was quitting because, having reviewed the advice she received from officials, she now accepted that she should have been aware that the Home Office had targets for the removal of illegal immigrants. On Wednesday she told the home affairs committee that such targets did not exist. On Thursday she admitted they did exist, but claimed not to have known about them. On Friday, after the Guardian published evidence that her office had been told about the targets, she claimed that she had not seen the particular leaked document in question. Tonight, after a more thorough review of her ministerial paper…

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