Ever-growing ‘tribalism’ in politics extends to entertainment

From backlash toward musicians Kanye West and Shania Twain for praising President Donald Trump to controversy around comedian Michelle Wolf’s roast at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, the entertainment industry is encountering the country’s stark political lines. NewsHour Weekend Special Correspondent Jeff Greenfield joins Megan Thompson for more.

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    Joining us now from Los Angeles for analysis of this weekend’s political news is special correspondent Jeff Greenfield. Jeff, good to see you.


    So earlier this week, the twitter sphere exploded when two celebrities, Shania Twain and Kanye West, said nice things about President Trump. And you say that there’s a connection between all of that and what’s happening with North Korea. Explain.


    It may not sound at first blush to make sense but it’s part, I think, of the whole overhang that has dominated our political atmosphere recently, which is tribalism — you know, pick a side, put on the uniform and that’s who you root for.

    So here’s what I mean. All right, We know that the picture of the two leaders of the Koreas doesn’t mean that it’s a done deal. We know that in the past we’ve had deals where the United States has become Charlie Brown and North Korea has been Lucy with the football. But still, when you compare where we are now to say a year ago with North Korea throwing missiles into the Pacific and that the president talking about fire and fury, this has got to be seen as a step forward, and it’s even plausible that some of the credit belongs to the president for his rather unconventional approach to bluster and then diplomacy.

    And my question is, is there anybody on the really anti-Trump side of the spectrum who’s even willing to say OK on this one, I think the president deserves some credit. And the connection between the celebrities that you mentioned was, any word of praise for the president draws this absolute outrage from…

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