Alabama politics: And then there were two (Democrats)

One thing was clear after watching Alabama’s Democratic candidates for governor go at each other Tuesday night.

That there are only two candidates.

This is a race between former Supreme Court Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb and Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox. That’s it.

I’m sorry, James Fields. You performed well. You’ve shown in the past you’re capable of unleashing a haymaker and you answered questions reasonably and with good humor. But it’s not happening.

But then, you’ve proved the smart guys wrong before.

I’m sorry Doug “New Blue” Smith. You probably know more than any of the candidates on stage, you put out some ideas and gained some admirers. But it’s too late.

I’m sorry Christopher Countryman. We barely knew ya. I’m sorry Anthony White. You didn’t show up and nobody noticed.

This is two-person fight, and – from the looks of things Tuesday – it’s gonna be a doozy.

Cobb hit Maddox right in his resume, pointing to a University of Alabama study that criticized the equality of the recovery in Tuscaloosa after the 2011 tornado. The report concluded that “the housing boom that occurred in Tuscaloosa after the tornado and concurrent with University growth has resulted in cumulative vulnerabilities for individuals who were left homeless after the storm and cumulative advantages for developers of student apartment complexes.”

Maddox hit Cobb in her history too, on her decision to quit her elected position as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court even though…

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