Cincinnati women: learn how to close the gender gap and get your voice heard in politics

Thousands took to the streets of Cincinnati for the 2018 Women’s March. Amanda Rossmann

Two years ago, former anchor Gretchen Carlson won $20 million after her allegations of sexual harassment ousted Fox News chief Roger Ailes. Now, Carlson is using that money to empower underserved women to make a change in politics and speak out against discrimination.

On Saturday, the Gretchen Carlson Leadership Initiative is coming to Cincinnati. And you can attend.

The free program offers civic leadership and advocacy training to thousands of women across the country, with a special focus on women who have experienced gender-based violence, discrimination or harassment.

Women will hear from local leaders and walk away with tools to impact government beyond voting, marching and running for office.

This event’s goal is to teach women how government works, who their leaders are and how to best get their concerns and ideas in front of lawmakers.

This educational initiative is put on by All In Together, a nonpartisan and nonprofit group that aims to close gender gaps in political and civic engagement by empowering women to drive change on the issues they care about most. The initiative traveling to nine cities across the country and will cover issues from human trafficking to sexual harassment in the workplace.

“We think of politics being very far away… but the hallmark of our democracy is citizen advocacy, said Lauren Leader-Chivée, co-founder and CEO of All In Together. “There are lots of ways to be a leader that are big and small that don’t require…

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