Politics Weekly Roundup: From transparency to USG vacancies


Welcome to the tenth installment of The State Press Politics Roundup, where we bring you the week’s coverage of on-campus and local politics.

This week, USGT Vice President of Services-elect Logan Miller announced that he is leaving before his term began, citing personal reasons and time constraints. Also, Gov. Doug Ducey signed a law that could void a Tempe charter amendment that would require nonprofits to reveal the identity behind donations exceeding $1,000.

If you missed the last roundup, catch yourself up here.

In recent campus and USG news

Now hiring

USG operations have slowed since last month’s executive ticket elections. But its efforts to fill vacant Senate and other staff positions have hit a wall. Some say that the amount of vacancies are unusual, as more than half of some posts remain unfilled, and some who have already been elected are leaving their positions.

The week’s reporting

USGT vice president-elect leaves USG, highlighting organization-wide vacancies

Marcus Chormicle | Courtesy

USGT Vice President of Services-elect Logan Miller announced he would leave his post before his term began, citing personal and financial conflicts. Miller’s absence is another tally on a long list of vacant student government positions, which some current and former members say are a continuing symptom of the demanding amount of work the organization expects in return for little pay. Read more here.

Ducey signs bill attempting to block Tempe transparency initiative

Emily Johnson

The Tempe City Council passed a measure that requires nonprofits to disclose the identity of their donors, which over 90 percent of voters supported. Weeks later, Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill into law that essentially voids that measure and could wait to sign the Tempe measure until it is not in compliance with the soon-to-be law….

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