Tory suspended over alleged links to EDL and white supremacists

The town hall in Watford rginal.

A Conservative council candidate in Watford, Darren Harrison, has been suspended after it was alleged that he was a supporter of the pan-European white supremacist organisation Generation Identity and associated with the English Defence League’s former leader Tommy Robinson.

A statement issued on Friday by Conservative central office in London said: “Darren Harrison has been suspended. An investigation is under way.”

Harrison was contesting a ward in a Tory-Liberal Democrat marginal. He had campaigned with James Cleverly, a Tory party vice-chairman, and featured on local party social media. Harrison’s Twitter account is no longer accessible and there is no mention of him on the local party’s website.

His links with Generation Identity, an anti-Islam organisation with strong links to far-right groups across Europe, were alleged in an investigation by Vice News.

Harrison denied being a supporter of Generation Identity, saying:…

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