A Roseanne Showrunner Is Asking Fans To Separate Roseanne Barr’s Politics From Her Character

In the time between her groundbreaking TV sitcom and its 2018 reboot, Roseanne Barr changed from a progressive icon to something quite the opposite. She’s spent recent years promoting a messy brand of politics, propagating transphobic and Islamophobic rhetoric on Twitter and fully embracing Donald Trump’s MAGA message while promoting right-wing conspiracy theories. It’s a confusing devolution into a radical lunatic—something closer to Alex Jones than the socialist, pro-union, and anti-one percent character she played in the ’90s.

As her show returns with huge, Trump-approved ratings, and a title character who is now pro-MAGA, it seems Roseanne Connor has gone through the same wild transformation as Roseanne Barr.

But, in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, co-showrunner Bruce Helford—who ran one season of the original series—says Barr’s private politics and Roseanne‘s are separate:

I don’t discuss her politics, that’s her private business. There’s Roseanne Barr and then there’s Roseanne Conner. There are some similarities…


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