There are no angels in politics

Voters have learnt the hard way not to wholly trust even their most trusted of politicians.

By Malkeet Singh

Your GE14 voter is no pushover. She is your grandmother, mother, wife or daughter. He is your grandfather, father, husband or son. Your GE 14 voter cannot be taken for granted. Over the last 3 years, Malaysians have been actively engaged in political discussions.

In fact, the Malay voter will be playing a critical role in the GE14 outcome. Make no mistake, there will be a Malay tsunami coming which will benefit candidates who accord the highest respect to their electorate. Humility and honesty will win the hearts and minds of the rakyat.

There is a divide amongst the Malay voters with both pro and anti-establishment blocks. The emergence of a Tipping Point can easily sway victory or defeat.

The era of peddling politics of fear is dead and buried. High and mighty arrogance is certainly going to incur the wrath of your voter. Stay…

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