Should businesses comment on politics? Here’s what eight entrepreneurs have to say.

Should businesses comment on politics? Here’s what eight entrepreneurs have to say.

It’s hard to avoid politics in the modern world. Between the 24-hour news cycle and constant social media updates, people hear about every piece of legislation, every political scandal, every social injustice — and you can be sure that they’re talking about it, too.

As a business, commenting on politics can be a tricky and sometimes ill-advised move. When your brand offers any opinion related to a hot-button issue, you’re guaranteed to alienate at least some of your customer base. What place, if any, do corporations have in political discussions? We polled Young Entrepreneur Council members to see where they stand.

Do you think companies should comment on political issues? If so, what is a best practice that should be followed?

Their best answers are below:

1. Don’t do it unless your business is directly involved in politics.

Unless your business is heavily and directly involved in the political industry, it’s wise to keep your thoughts to yourself. You risk alienating a percentage of your customer base. For what? To express your personal opinions via your professional platform? If you want to be outspoken about politics, do it via your own personal brand. – Ali Mahvan, Sharebert

2. Choose your battles and avoid aligning with a party.

No company can afford to stay completely out of political issues. Many issues that are described as ‘political’ are in reality about equality, social justice and climate change. Staying on the sidelines has become the same as taking a side, and it’s one that could alienate your employees. However, companies should avoid aligning with specific political parties. – Amishi Takalkar, NAILBITER

3. Don’t cause unnecessary damage to your brand.

Companies should stay as much out of political issues as possible. There is no benefit to a business…

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