Freedom of movement: politics expert joins Brexit dance project

Students perform Taking a Position
Source: Drazen Priganica

A politics expert and a choreographer have joined forces to produce a contemporary dance work inspired by Brexit.

Stephen Coleman, professor of political communication at the University of Leeds, worked with Sharon Watson, artistic director of Phoenix Dance Theatre, to generate material for Taking a Position, which premiered recently at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds.

The pair drew inspiration from the phrases “taking a position” and “taking back control” – terms that were used heavily in the run-up to the referendum, in which voters backed the UK’s leaving the European Union – and from the fact that Leeds was split almost 50:50 in that poll.

Ahead of rehearsals, Professor Coleman conducted interviews with six local Remain supporters and six local Brexiteers who were willing to talk “at an impressionistic and affective level”.

The performers listened to…

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