Opinion | VA needs work, not politics or privatizing

President Donald Trump is firing Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin and replacing him with the White House doctor Ronny Jackson. (March 28) AP

With 9 million veterans receiving healthcare from the Veterans Health Administration, and 1,200 hospitals and clinic providing those services, it is not surprising that so much media attention has been given to the quality if care provided.

Unfortunately, I have seen very few favorable stories and a substantial amount of criticism — and certainly a mountain of evidence of questionable performance.

Now it has become a veritable political firestorm. On Wednesday, President Trump fired David Shulkin as secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs and replaced him with Dr. Ronny Jackson, Trump’s personal physician.

Shulkin told reporters that he blamed his ouster on “the ambitions of people who want to put VA health care in the hands of the private sector.”

Perhaps it is time for veterans who have been using the VA health care system to speak up about our experiences.

I have been using the VA health care system for more than 30 years. My semi-annual…

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