What Roseanne Barr won’t talk about in her return to social media

After quitting Twitter late last year, Roseanne Barr is dipping her toe back into social media, but this time politics is off limits.

The outspoken star of ABC’s revival of comedy hit Roseanne (Tuesdays, 8 ET/PT), announced her retirement from social media in December after getting into an online feud with people who responded harshly to tweets praising President Trump and criticizing his election foe, Hillary Clinton, and former president Obama.

Barr, who voted for and supports Trump, tweeted that he would “shake up” the status quo and that Clinton and Obama, although not identified by name, had “killed more innocent people than anyone else in U.S. history.” She referred to her Twitter foes as “fascists” and suggested she was being threatened by Clinton supporters.

In response to the blowback, she tweeted: “i won’t be censored or silence chided or corrected and continue to work. I retire right now. I’ve had enough. bye!”

In the series, Barr’s character also is a Trump…

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