Abortion Rights Foe Overcomes Primary Challenge

The Story:

Daniel Lipinski (D-Il), Congressman for the 3d Congressional District, Illinois, faced but in the end defeated a vigorous primary challenge. The challenger, businesswoman Marie Newman, conceded the contest Wednesday morning, March 21, a full 12 hours after the polls had closed.

The Significance: 

Lipinski is an outspoken opponent of abortion rights, and an array of groups on the liberal side of that issue (Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, EMILY’s List, the Human Rights Campaign, and MoveOn.org) supported Newman’s challenge for precisely that reason.

Lipinski’s victory in the primary represents, almost certainly, his re-election. The district is very heavily Democratic and the Republican name on the ballot in November will be that of a neo-Nazi whom the leadership has denounced but who ran unopposed in that party’s primary.

The Thing to Know:

Lipinski painted the significance of the primary in broad national terms: he said that the Democratic Party has to be a broad coalition in order to defeat President Trump and Trump’s base, and that a properly broad coalition will have to include people who believe as he does on abortion.



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