An Historic First Act: Removing Politics From Government

Laura Curran gave her first speech as Nassau County Executive to a crowd braving sub-freezing tempera- tures on New Year’s Day. (Photo by Irwin Mendlinger)

I know I’m not breaking news when I tell you we’ve inherited a mess in Nassau County government. My team and I have been hard at work these first two months.

We’ve been tackling an unfair and inaccurate assessment system, sorting out disastrous finances, combatting opioids, and charting a path for true economic development. But we will not be successful in these crucial tasks if we neglect one thing – restoring trust in government.

It’s no secret that “trust-worthy government” is too often dismissed as a chortle-worthy oxymoron. So concurrent to our other work, my administration has taken concrete steps to restore that trust.



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