Reject politics that threatens harmony

WE are so close to the 14th General Election (GE14).

The pundits and commentators will try to predict the exact date. But regardless of when it will happen, what is certain is that everyone is already in “election mode”. The political temperature of the country has gone up a notch or two over the past few months.

Announcements are being made about candidates, speculation is rife about who the potential candidates are, and the various political coalitions have started to introduce their respective manifestos.

Soon, election fever will engulf the whole nation.

It will be a keenly contested general election. Pakatan Harapan is looking to end the unbroken rule of Barisan Nasional. It will be a battle between the uncertainties of change, and the predictability of the status quo.

The messy divorce of PAS from the Opposition coalition means that the party is now the kingmaker or spoiler, depending on which side of the divide one is partial to.

Also in the mix are the boycott and #UndiRosak movements, as well as the general apathy towards politics that is becoming increasingly prevalent. All these amount to an interesting time to be living in Malaysia, especially if one is interested in politics.


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