Call for delayed Brexit day and longer transition splits MPs

Jacob Rees-Mogg denounced the Brexit select committee’s call for a longer transition period.

Disagreement over Brexit has split the main parliamentary committee charged with scrutinising the UK’s departure from the EU after a majority of its members concluded that the day of exit may have to be delayed.

The findings of a report out on Sunday by the all-party Brexit select committee also recommends that provision be made to extend the post-Brexit transition period beyond the expected period of 21 months to allow more time for administrative changes and for businesses to adapt. But in a sign of rising tension and division in parliament, a group of Tory MPs on the committee on Sunday denounces these central findings in their own “minority report”, saying that such delays would amount to a betrayal of the will of the British people.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Tory member of the committee, said: “The majority report is the prospectus for the vassal state. It is a future not worthy of us as a country, and I am sure that Theresa May will rightly reject a report by the high priests of Remain.”

Before a crucial EU summit this week at which the prime minister hopes to secure at least an outline agreement on a transition period, the official report says “little progress” has been made…


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