Beware of vampires, psychos, and zombies in … politics!


Dr Rashid al-Balushi/Assistant Professor of Linguistics,Sultan Qaboos University

People usually see vampires and psychos as well as zombies in movies. In what follows, we will show that these “creatures” can also be seen in real life, specifically, and unfortunately, in politics (running of state business, international relations, domestic policies, economic planning, etc…). This, therefore, makes the damage (human, diplomatic, economic, etc…) greater, which calls for more wisdom on the part of whoever decides on who is elected for or appointed in government positions, especially as heads of states and top-level officials.
Like movie vampires, vampire politicians live on sucking their people’s blood, by draining their lives of all the means to decent living, like good income, services, and other rights. Vampire politicians make every possible use of their positions and relations to accumulate wealth, exploring all possible means to increase their properties, through enacting new laws, manipulating policies, and developing new techniques, using the help and talent of corrupt officials. To succeed in their mission, vampire politicians start by forming networks of corrupt officials around them, for two purposes, to help them increase their wealth, and to secure it by having most of the state (or institution) officials partners in the corruption, and so guards for it. Therefore, vampire politicians would do all they can to remain in power so that they would continue accumulating wealth from the resources of their countries as well as from the wicked games of changing their countries’ diplomatic relations and selling their political positions for money, at the expense of their citizens and their status in the world. Vampire politicians are always ready to exploit any situation there might be to make more money, offering everything and everyone for sale. The ultimate result of being a citizen of a country led or managed by vampire politicians is a people without sufficient means to good life, one lacking good basic services and marked by increasing prices and decreasing levels of safety, security, and dignity. Since they do not feel for their own people, always draining them of all the means to a decent life, vampire politicians are human beings without a true heart.
Like movie psychos, psycho politicians always behave in a way that does not speak of a sound mind. They usually deal with problems by creating others, thinking that a problem is solved if a greater one is created, which reveals their ignorance of basic life (or thinking) skills….


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