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Against the wishes of many of his advisers and fellow Republicans, President Trump signed an order imposing steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Canada and Mexico are exempted from the tariffs, and other countries will reportedly be invited to negotiate exclusions from the measures. Arizona Senator Jeff Flake criticized the move in a statement, and pledged to draft and introduce legislation to nullify the tariffs. Trump told reporters that South Korea will be making a “major statement” about North Korea at 7 p.m. ET. The Interior Department reportedly spent nearly $139,000 to upgrade doors in Secretary Ryan Zinke’s office.

Today on The Atlantic

  • One Right to Rule Them All?: Garrett Epps breaks down the text of the Second Amendment and concludes that it doesn’t guarantee “an unlimited individual right to bear any kind and number of weapons by anyone.”

  • Colorless and Deadly: On Sunday, an ex-Russian spy and his daughter were poisoned in Britain by a nerve agent. Here’s how the gas works. (Sarah Zhang)

  • We Can’t Handle the Truth: A new MIT study shows that, by every metric, falsehoods and fake news consistently reach more people than real news on Twitter. (Robinson Meyer)

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