Pa. politics is in a freaky bomb-cyclone moment | John Baer

US House 2018 Pennsylvania
A Western Pa. congressional special election between Republican Rick Saccone (left) and Democrat Conor Lamb is only one of the things bringing Pa. lots and lots of attention.

Have you noticed?

The Keystone State and particularly Philly — where reaction to politics regularly ranges from “you can’t make this stuff up” to “why do we keep electing these people?” — is in a wild, windblown moment.

There’s our gerrymander case, with huge implications for state and maybe national politics. There’s our globally watched special congressional election promising mind-bending postrace spins and ironies.

There’s the Philly sheriff (why does Philly even have a sheriff?), who’s also a political consultant. A state rep who wrecks state cars. And a growing conga line of elected officials accused of sexual harassment or abuse.

This against the backdrop of a GOP gubernatorial primary in which presumed front-runner Scott Wagner is a self-described “garbage man;” and a Democratic lieutenant governor primary that incumbent Mike Stack, who wasn’t picked, isn’t wanted, and was disciplined by Gov. Wolf, could win – unless Stack runs for Congress.

Speaking of which, School Reform Commission guy Bill Green wants to run for Congress, maybe in violation of state law.

And those are just highlights.

If there’s another state in as nutsy a place as Pennsylvania right now, I’m hard-pressed to name it.

The gerrymander case is costing taxpayers millions of dollars and could either be settled this week or lead to election-year chaos, costing taxpayers millions more.

Imagine if the U.S. Supreme Court stays the state Supreme Court’s congressional map. A whole new MapQuest? Postponed primaries?

Yes, the…

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